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You'll find lots of valuable information here about insect repellents, including facts and “urban legends,” along with what scientists and medical professionals say about repellents. Finally, there’s information to help you select the right repellent and learn to apply it properly.

Who Makes Deet?

Vertellus (through its predecessor companies) has been the leading producer of DEET worldwide since 1958. We have a long history as a reliable DEET-supplier to formulators, with world-class quality control and customer service.

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Why Use Repellents?

Bites from mosquitoes and other insects, as well as ticks (which officially are arthropods, not insects), are more than just annoying. They can lead to lasting health issues and can even result in death. Through proper use of DEET-based repellents, you and your loved ones can enjoy outdoor activities more comfortably. More importantly, you will help reduce the risk of getting Lyme disease, Zika, West Nile and a host of other serious illnesses spread by these pests.